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Blue Oyster

Blue Oyster $6/.25lb OR $20/lb

A culinary classic. Our blue oyster mushroom is a bit sweeter than our other oyster mushrooms and makes an excellent substitute for bacon and lamb. These mushrooms are nearly cobalt blue when immature and immature to a steel blue color. Reserve your's now! We will email within 24 hours to notify youi of when your order will be available, and you will be billed upon delivery.

Grey Oyster

Grey Oyster $6/.25lb OR $20/lb

A culinary classic. Our grey oyster mushroom is a very meaty mushroom, a bit like the blue, but "shroomier." It makes an excellent substitute for bacon and lamb. Like all oyster mushrooms, it is high in protein, B6, and antioxidants.

Blue Oyster

King Oyster $8/.25lb OR $25/lb

Native to the Mediterranean, this mushroom has been a delicacy in Italian, Mid-Eastern, and East African cuisine for millenia. Unlike other oysters, the entire stem is meaty and is often cut into medallions and sauted as an "umami" subsititue for pork and scallops. This mushroom is truly the king of the oysters.


Golden Enoki $7/.25lb OR $20/lb

While very common in Asian cuisines and prized for its mild, nutty taste (it's great raw in salads!), the Enoki is more than just a culinary treat. High in B3, and antioxidants, this mushroom contains Proflamin, a compound that in clinical trials helped mice suffering from cancer to lengthen their lives by 85%. It also is protein-packed! Cutlivated is grown with long stems and tiny caps, making it great in salads.


Lion's Mane $8/.25lb OR $25/lb

Lion's mane is a truly special mushroom that not only tastes amazing, but is almost as cool to look at as it is to eat. This mushroom is almost indistinguishable from buttered lobster or cod when properly prepare (it's easy! checkout our recipe page). Lion's mane has also been shown in clinical studies to promote bloodflow in the brain and is currently being studied for it's potential to slow the progression of dementia and help with anxiety disorders.